Five Musicians That Transformed the Sound of House


A house is an architectural structure that serves as a dwelling place for humans. It is usually a single-family building, but may also be a multi-family home or a dormitory in a school. House can also refer to a specific type of building, such as a mansion or palace, a religious shrine, or even a theatre.

Aside from a physical shelter, a house can also represent the security of one’s family and belongings. Some people find comfort in knowing that a certain number of deadbolts and door locks will keep intruders out, allowing them to rest easy. House can also symbolize one’s wealth, status and opinions by its size or construction materials: a large and elaborately designed house often indicates that the owner is wealthy, while a small and simple building is associated with modesty.

Some people choose to live in apartments, rather than houses. This is usually due to the desire for more privacy and freedom of movement. Nevertheless, a house is often more desirable than an apartment, especially for those with children and pets. Houses offer more room and privacy than apartments, as well as a yard to play in. Additionally, a homeowner can plant trees and flowers to enhance the beauty of their property. However, a home comes with costs and limitations, such as a mortgage, maintenance expenses and responsibility for repairs.

The origin of the word “house” is not clear. It could be derived from the term “haven,” which originally meant an additional structure for protection or safety in a medieval castle, or from a monk’s cell. It is also possible that the word derives from the Latin for a group of rooms used as a meeting place, such as the House of Commons or the Senate.

Five musicians that birthed and transformed the sound of House

While there are many different DJs and producers who have contributed to house music, some stand out among the rest. One of the most influential is Frankie Knuckles, known as the Godfather of House Music. He first began playing at clubs like Studio 54 in NYC, but he truly perfected his craft at the Warehouse nightclub in Chicago. He would mix rare disco cuts, European synth-inspired music and other genres for the members-only gay crowd.

Sampling became incredibly popular with hip hop musicians in the 1980s, and it was during this time that house music was born. This style of music incorporates loops and samples from other musical styles to create new beats. For instance, a house song might sample a bassline from a Roland TR-808 drum machine or a melodic hook from a Nord synth.

Buying a house is a major decision that should be carefully considered before proceeding. Ask yourself why you want a house and whether it is the best option for your circumstances. For example, you might need more space for a growing family, be interested in a better school district or want to have a home office for work. Then, weigh the pros and cons of owning a house against those of renting an apartment.