House (also home and home) is the form of dwelling that most people are familiar with. It can also refer to a family dynasty, a shelter, or an institution such as a school or deliberative body. It is also a name given to a type of product sold by a store or served at a restaurant—the house wine, for example. The word is derived from the Old English hus, meaning “dwelling place.”

A house can be a major financial decision, and a great source of pride for many families. However, before buying a house, it is important to understand the pros and cons of homeownership. A real estate agent can help you navigate the process and identify roadblocks that may arise. In addition, purchasing a house can be an opportunity to grow your wealth over time as home prices tend to appreciate.

The seventh through 12th houses, ruled by Venus and Libra, shift the focus from your personal insights to how you interact with others. These are the houses of partnership, friendship, and business.

Ruled by Gemini and Mercury, the third house is all about communication. It gives you insight into your writing and verbal style as well as your relationships with family members and close friends. This is a good house to use for career guidance because it can give you an idea of how you would communicate your expertise to the world.

The sixth house is ruled by Virgo and Mars, which is associated with health on all levels: physical, emotional, and mental. This is a good house to explore your relationship with food, exercise, and health habits in general. It can also reveal how you will cope with adversity and how you will be of service to others.

House music is a musical genre that emerged in the United States around the 1990s. Its popularity increased in the 2000s, and it is often compared to disco and funk. The genre has also been influenced by hip hop and dancehall. House music has a wide range of styles, including electropop, techno, deep house, and minimal house.

In the United States, Congress is referred to as the House of Representatives. It is one of two bodies in the US Congress, the other being the Senate. The House has a more populist approach to politics than the Senate, which is more traditional in its outlook. This is reflected in the way it votes and its policies on specific issues. The House has more power to influence legislation than the Senate because it is made up of representatives from every state and territory. Its members represent a wide variety of ideologies and interests. In the House, there is more of a sense of community amongst its members. This is partly because the members know each other personally and are more likely to be in the same political party. Having this closeness can be beneficial in times of political crisis. This can lead to less gridlock and more efficient decision making.