House – The Emmy-Winning Medical Drama


A series with a great premise should have no problem winning an Emmy. House is a brilliant medical drama featuring a pain in the ass doctor played by Hugh Laurie. The sarcastic and anti-social doctor specializes in infectious diseases and takes on incredibly difficult cases. Usually, he’s right about the disease. In a series with a very similar premise to Scrubs, House is a show that is not only entertaining, but also intelligent and well-written.

The word house has many different meanings. In its most common use, it refers to a building. It can refer to a single family home or a multi-family dwelling (though a rooming house is not a house). The word can also refer to a group of people. In history, the House of Tudors was a royal family in England. The word house also describes governing bodies, such as the House of Representatives. Another use for house is in theater, where the audience is seated in the theater.

Houses can represent different things, like a family of ancestors or a group of schoolchildren. Some houses can be infested with pestilence, while others can be serene and peaceful. Houses of the brain, for example, may be the source of a person’s last breath. Other names for a house include dynasty, royal family, or a royal or noble family. And the word house has also evolved from the Latin word hous, which means “to dwell” or “to reside.”

During the buying process, location is one of the most important factors. While you can live with a certain flaw if you truly love a house, it’s hard to change a home’s location. The proximity to your workplace is essential, as is the charm of a neighborhood. Take into consideration any noise issues – from neighbors and traffic to pets. Also, how close are schools and parks? These factors may affect your decision to buy a home.

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