What Does Home Mean to You?


Home is where we grow up, where we make our mark on the world and where we find the people who will love us forever. It can be a physical place like a house or an apartment, or it can be a mental space where you feel safe and loved. It is the one place where the worries of the day fade away and you can truly be yourself. The idea of home has been portrayed in many ways throughout history and across cultures. From the fairy tale castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty to the Greek temple of the gods in The Odyssey, there are many different ideas of what home means.

For the majority of people, home is where they live. It can be a house or an apartment, a trailer or a van. It is the place where they are most comfortable and where they have the most memories. Home is where they are surrounded by loved ones and can celebrate the wins, loses and special milestones in life.

It is a place where they can forget about their overbearing boss or stressful coworker. It is where they can hide and cry when life gets too overwhelming. It is the one place where they can be completely themselves and where they are most happy. It is the place they can rest their head at night and go to when they need a hug.

Whether it is a brick and mortar structure or a mental space, everyone needs a home to feel secure and happy. Without a sense of home, it is very hard to lead a full and healthy life. People who have never known a true home struggle with depression and other mental health issues. People who do not have a solid support system at home can develop alcohol and drug addictions. Having a place to call home can help them get back on their feet and start to recover from their addictions.

A home can be anywhere that makes a person feel safe and secure. This could be a family member’s house, a friend’s house or even a hotel room. In the end, it is not the location that matters but the feeling of being in a place where you are loved and accepted.

For many people, home is where they create fond memories and feelings. Creating a strong bond with a family member or finding a place where they can express their unique personality and style are what make a house into a home. Henley Design Manager, Vicki Gillingham, is a mother of two and knows this well. Her home is not always Pinterest worthy, but it is the place where she feels most at home.

Having a place to call home can be difficult for those who are homeless. The stigma associated with homelessness can make it difficult for them to form ties in the community. A place to go where they will be welcomed and understood is what they need in order to feel safe, secure and at home.