House project is a programme that helps young people to develop the skills and confidence they need to move into their first home and manage it well. It also gives them the chance to explore their strengths and interests and develop a range of life skills that they can take with them into adulthood and the workplace. The programme is run locally and provides a variety of opportunities and experiences for young people, including mentoring and support to help them find the right job or training programme to suit their needs.

The introductory phase of the House project programme is all about relationship building between the young person and their local team and making sure that the programme is a good fit for them. This includes an introductory call, site visit and designer interview. The process will also involve submitting all the necessary paperwork for building permits and impact fees, which vary based on location.

Once the initial work has been completed, the foundation construction can begin. This can take up to three weeks, depending on the size of the foundation and the site conditions.

Wood framing, either minimum code or high-performance, will shape the structure of your home and takes up to six weeks. This stage also includes installing windows and doors. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC system installation takes place during this time too.

Mechanical rough-ins include fitting your new home for all the pipes, wiring and ductwork that will be hidden within walls, ceilings and floors. This usually takes four weeks. Insulation, drywall and painting are also added during this stage.

This is when your house will start to really come together. It is also the point when the exterior will receive a lot of attention as brick, stucco, siding and other finishing elements are installed. It can take up to a month for this stage of the build.

Once the plumbing, electrical and HVAC are in and inspected, fixtures can be installed and cabinets and countertops are put in place. The interior finishes, including paint, flooring and cabinetry will be finished up as well.

Landscaping is also started at this stage and driveways are poured. This is also when the home will be sealed and insulated and all of the finishing touches are put in place.

The final week of the build involves a walkthrough with your builder and any final inspections that may be required. After this, your keys will be ready! It’s closing day and you’re a homeowner!