The word “house” has many definitions. In everyday usage, a house is a dwelling, shelter, or lodging for one person. In addition to dwellings, houses can be groupings. The English royal family, for example, was called the House of Tudor. Houses also refer to government bodies, such as the House of Representatives. While the word is commonly used to describe people and places, the term also has a broader usage.

The series is a good example of a character-driven show. While it focuses primarily on a single case, House also features the characters that inhabit these cases. Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House is an unlikable but lovable character who is fond of talking trash. Though the character is often unkind, House is the kind of doctor you want to have curing you! The show’s premise is that a doctor who is unlovable is the person you want to cure you, but he doesn’t have to be.

Originally, house music was influenced by disco and funk. It became popular in dance clubs and raves and is even present in contemporary pop and hip-hop. The music is characterized by steady, pounding beats and off-beat hi-hat patterns. Most house music contains around 120 beats per minute. It’s easy to understand why people enjoy it so much! You can find countless examples of house music on the Internet.

Throughout the history of the genre, Chicago is a prominent place for house music. Its roots can be traced to the Warehouse nightclub, where Frankie Knuckles, sometimes known as the “godfather of house music,” spliced together records to create a continuous dance groove. Similarly, house tracks use a drum machine such as the Roland TR-808 or the TR-909, which allowed DJs to produce tracks even without the help of an actual studio.

Acid house was one of the first subgenres of house music. It was characterized by heavy use of the Roland TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer. Acid house was named after a song by the Chicago collective Phuture, which featured Herbert “Herb J” Jackson, Nathan “DJ Pierre” Jones, and Earl “Spanky” Smith Jr., among others. There are many examples of acid house music, but they are all largely considered to be a subgenre of house music.

The style has many subgenres. A subgenre of house music known as progressive house is a hybrid of house and techno. Its characteristic sounds are minimal and radio-friendly, and it easily crosses into the pop world. For example, Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ and Afrojack’s ‘Take Over Control’ have both made their way into mainstream pop music. The genre has even inspired artists from other genres, such as techno and hip-hop.

The Dutch house layout is another example of an early modern style. Houses in the 17th century were typically much smaller than their English counterparts, occupied by four to five people. The purpose of the house was to provide a self-sufficient life for its inhabitants. This type of housing separated work from domestic life, and the common corridor was a great place for people to gather and relax. In modern-day family life, a similar design concept has evolved.