Building a New House – What You Need to Know

House project

The construction of a new house can be very exciting. However, there are many things to consider, from selecting a suitable building site to finalizing the interior design. You will also need to consult professionals such as surveyors (to ensure that the land on which you wish to build is platted properly), geotechnical engineers (to make sure the soil is appropriate for your home) and energy experts to assist with making your house more eco-friendly. In addition, you will be required to pay taxes on the building materials and may require a license to construct your house.

In recent years larger project builders have become increasingly common in the Sydney market with some constructing 20 to 40 houses per month! They typically operate from a combined showroom/office and a large number of supervisors travel from job to job spending an hour or two at each house monitoring progress and quality.

A significant issue with these types of companies is that they often don’t interrogate the designs from a design perspective at all. A draftsperson draws up the house and if it meets the company criteria in terms of delivery systems, material use and profit margins then it gets added to the catalogue for sale.

The result is that these homes tend to look the same, and as a result they fail to respond to their site, the neighbourhood or street. They are essentially designed to suit the majority of family households and then marketed to that group.

Another factor is that it’s becoming increasingly expensive to build a house. This is mostly due to the amount of red tape that a new house must clear. The cost of obtaining all the necessary permits – which can include a variety of items from constructing a driveway to adding a roof – add up quickly. A 2021 study estimated that the cost of clearing regulatory hurdles could comprise up to 23% of the final purchase price of a single-family home.

A new home can also be an excellent opportunity to create the type of living environment you have always wanted. Whether it is a three-car garage, a bowling alley in the basement or simply a kitchen and living space that are perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle, the possibilities are endless! If you are looking for a quality contractor to help you create your dream home then reach out to the experts at Treasured Spaces!