Five Steps to a Successful House Project

Building a house is one of the largest projects most people will ever undertake. It can be difficult and stressful even for the most experienced do-it-yourselfer, but taking the time to learn the proper steps will make the project go much more smoothly. Whether you’re a professional builder or a DIY-er, there are five basic steps that should be followed to ensure your project is a success:

Step 1 – Foundation

The foundation of the house is probably the most important part of the entire project and can take quite a while to complete. Once the concrete has cured and the forms have been removed, it’s time to begin coordinating the next step of the project, which is the framing phase. This is where the floor system, walls and roof system are completed.

It is a beautiful thing to watch a house grow from the initial design drawings on paper, to a finished product that’s ready for the family to move in and start living their lives. However, it is unfortunate that so many of these homes do not get built with great design in mind. Perhaps it is because they are on tight budgets and have priorities other than good design, or maybe they are just not educated enough to know what good design looks like.

DIA – Dittel Architekten designed this stunning home to seamlessly blend into its surroundings on a historical country estate in South Germany. The design of this modern home takes its inspiration from four basic principles: user comfort, community living, cost efficiency and space comfort. The architects incorporated several environmentally friendly features into the house that help to minimize its energy consumption.

An aging Colonial Revival gets a new lease on life as a multi-generational home. It will be perfect for the in-laws today and their children and grandchildren in the future. The project will include a new kitchen and master suite, and the addition of an open-air living room.

This project will renovate a 1920s Colonial Revival in Winchester, MA. It will feature a new kitchen and master suite, and an open-air dining/living room with a retractable awning. The renovation will also include an updated heating plant, and a cosmetic freshening. It is a beautiful thing to watch if a home can survive the test of time, and it will surely be a treasure for generations to come.