Getting Started With a House Project

House project is a collaborative approach to construction that supports young people in care to construct their own first home and build long-term relationships and pathways into education, employment, housing and community. It is a ground-breaking approach that builds on the principles of collaboration and partnership.

Getting Started

The pre-construction period takes one to two months. Your contractor will need to prepare the land, apply for permits and get architectural plans drawn up. This includes ensuring the lot meets local building codes and zoning regulations.

After the plans are approved, excavation can begin on site. Heavy equipment will be brought in to level the site and clear away debris, trees, and rocks.

Site work may include digging trenches and holes, installing plumbing services like water and sewer lines, and preparing the foundation for concrete. This is the most labor intensive phase of the build, and can take up to a month or more to complete. Once the footings are in, your builder can start step 2, framing, where the “skeleton” of the house will take shape. This can also take a month or more to complete and involves many inspections from municipal officials.

Once the frame is in, electrical and plumbing services can be installed. Wiring will be run through the walls and ceilings, and plumbing can be hooked up to the water heater, septic system, furnace, and air conditioning. Inspectors will be back on-site frequently.

Weeks 4 – 5: The “skeleton” of your home is taking shape during this time. Insulation and drywall are also installed during this time, along with a basic electrical and plumbing inspection.

Once the frame is in, your home’s exterior will come together with brickwork, stucco, stone and siding installation, windows and shingles nailed down and gutters and eaves added. This is a exciting and critical point in your build. During the finishing stages, cabinets and countertops are installed and paint is put on. Many interior finishes are also done at this stage, including closets, cabinets, built-ins and more.