How Long Does It Take to Finish a House Project?

Building a house can be a rewarding experience, but it’s also a huge time commitment. It requires a lot of planning, from finding the right builder and home design to clearing all the regulatory hurdles that come with construction. Then there are the construction phases, from excavation to framing and everything in between. Depending on the type of house you’re building, and where you live, it can take months or even a year to finish your project.

Before construction starts, it takes time to discover your lot, hire an architect to draft house designs, obtain the necessary building permits and secure a home construction loan. The pre-construction phase can add months to your overall building timeline, but it’s important to spend time in this stage to ensure you’re choosing the right home for you and that your contractor has all the information they need to start construction on time.

Excavation starts once the foundation is poured and the site is cleared of any rocks, trees and debris. The team can then map out the layout on your lot and prepare for construction by leveling the land and installing drainage.

Next, the home’s frame is erected, which includes walls, floors and roof rafters. Once this work is done, the rafters are sheathed with house wrap and insulated. This is a critical step in the construction process because it creates a barrier to air and moisture, but still allows water vapor to escape.

At this point, electrical, plumbing and gas systems will be installed. This is when the house really starts to resemble its final form and it’s exciting to see it taking shape.

Drywall and trim are next and your new house will begin to look like a home. This is also when your exterior siding will be put on (if you chose to install it). The carpenters will be working on different aspects of the house at once, but they’ll coordinate and communicate with each other so that everything is happening in the most efficient way possible.

The builder will finish your driveway and walkways at this stage, as well as clean up the inside of your home for inspections. You’ll also do a walkthrough with your builder to make sure any issues that came up during inspections are resolved.

On the final week of construction, your builder will do a walkthrough with you and clean up their mess! Once the last inspection is complete, you can sign off on your new home and enjoy the benefits of homeownership.