Play House

A Play House gives children the opportunity to pretend to be an adult, solve problems and act out feelings. Children of both sexes enjoy pretend play and the act of pretending is essential for development. Children also benefit from talking aloud to their toys. This practice expands their play plans and helps them develop language skills. When you play house with your child, be sure to engage in conversation with them to help them feel comfortable. It is also helpful to direct the play if you are not home.

The Wooden Play House is made of all-natural Baltic birchwood from California. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and includes a waxed hemp cord for assembly. When completed, this play house measures approximately 27 inches long x 9 inches tall. The company accepts returns for their playhouses within 30 days of delivery. Online purchases have a 30 day return period. Original shipping costs are not refundable, but they are not refundable unless a product is defective. Gift cards are not refundable.

If you want your relationship to be more serious, playing house may be the perfect opportunity for you two to bond. However, it is important to remember that playing house doesn’t necessarily mean moving in together. It can also mean spending all of your time together, merging your finances, or exclusive dating. Playing house is a healthy way to learn about your partner, as well as what you want in a relationship. This way, you can find the right partner for yourself in the long run.