Play House

Located in southeast Michigan, the Play House is a small-scale performance venue that is home to two resident organizations. One is Power House Productions, which manages the Play House performance series. The other is Hinterlands at Play House, which curates and books Play House performances.

The Play House, founded in 1915, was the first professional regional theater in the United States. It began with a marionette show, followed by shadow plays, and eventually became a fully professional company. The organization has since performed more than 1,600 productions. During its first years, the company grew from 4,000 to 40,000 annual attendance. However, the organization’s administrators alienated its supporters and broke promises to mount a full season of shows. In 2013, Michael Bloom resigned as the director of the Cleveland Play House.

In addition to hosting a number of touring companies, the Play House also established an education outreach program. The organization has collaborated with local arts organizations and has invited community members to create AIDS memorial quilts. The education program also offers theatrical programming for adults.

Since 1915, the Cleveland Play House has produced more than 1,600 productions. The organization has become the longest-running professional theater in the United States. The theater also has been the home to numerous playwrights. Many of these writers are Ohio-based.

The Play House has received generous funding from several sources, including the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Arts Council of Greater Cleveland. Play House has also been supported by the Cleveland community. Its first artistic director was Raymond O’Neil. The organization grew from a marionette show to a full-scale theatre in the first few years of its operation.

After moving to a new location in the Allen Theatre complex, the Cleveland Play House enjoyed a steady growth in attendance. The organization expanded its roster of plays and also hired the first professional staff. In 1949, the organization acquired a third theatre. After a successful move, the organization saw record-breaking sales.

In 1926, the Play House built a two-theatre complex at 85th and Euclid Avenues. The new complex was designed by Phillip Johnson. It featured a thrust stage for professional theatre. This facility was also used as a blackbox theatre.

The Cleveland Play House has produced more than 100 world premieres. In addition, the organization has performed more than 1,600 productions in three state-of-the-art venues in downtown Cleveland. The organization has been supported by the music industry, including FRANCIS EDSON DRURY.

Despite the challenges, the Play House has remained a successful company. The theatre continues to provide quality entertainment for the Cleveland community. This year, the organization is planning to host a performance in southeast Michigan.

The Play House is located on land donated by the Drury Theatre in Cleveland. The Drury Theatre seats 522-people and was designed by Phillip Johnson. The playhouse is a beautiful piece of architecture that is designed for years of enjoyment. The playhouse features seating areas, decorative windows, and a countertop with traced leaf patterns. The playhouse is treated with a child-friendly water-based stain.