This Old House and the “House Project”

House project

During a series of episodes, This Old House tackles several home improvement projects in Boston and around the country. From a 1915 Dutch Colonial Revival in Newton Centre to a 1785 Weatherbee farm in Westwood, Massachusetts, the team uses adaptive reuse techniques to make old homes new again.

In addition to renovation projects, This Old House tackles the “big one” by helping to rebuild a foreclosed Second Empire home in Tampa, Florida. Aside from tackling the house’s exterior, the crew tackles the basement, and adds space for the family. The project uses stress-skin panels and post and beam construction. The team also travels outside of Massachusetts to help rebuild a home in Silver Lake, California, and a house along the Charles River in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

In addition to helping young people leave care on their own terms, The National House Project provides Local Authorities with expert advice on how to design and build homes for young people leaving care. It also supports setting up Local House Projects, which are small groups of young people who work together on houses that will become their own. The approach is built around supportive relationships and a community aspect, which increase hope and aspiration and decrease isolation.

The “House Project” is also a multi-year national design initiative aimed at creating affordable, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable low-income housing. In a nutshell, the project challenges designers to envision a world where sustainable housing is more important than ever. As such, the project includes a range of initiatives to help reduce environmental hazards, reduce expenses, and encourage neighbors to maintain homes.

In addition to the “House Project,” This Old House has also tackled several other notable projects. In the first season, the team restored a 1906 Arts and Crafts-style church in Newton, Massachusetts, a rambling shingle-style home in Watertown, Massachusetts, and a concrete-block and stucco tract house in Tampa, Florida. In the second season, the crew headed to Key West, Florida, to restore a circa 1886 Conch Captain house.

The “House Project” also tackles several home improvement projects in Boston and other locations around the country. From a 1915 Italianate style house in Brookline, Massachusetts, to a 1926 Craftsman bungalow in Lexington, Massachusetts, to a concrete-block and stucco bungalow in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, the crew uses a variety of techniques and materials to make old homes new again.

The “House Project” is a good example of the “magic of the neighborhood.” The project helps to improve the quality of life in an otherwise distressed neighborhood. The team focuses on rehabilitation and renovation of old houses, but also tackles home improvement projects like basement remodeling and a greenhouse addition.

The “House Project” is just the start. A new season of This Old House TV premieres on March 26, 2020. Along with the series’ most popular projects, the show also delivers DIY Smarts and tips to its subscribers. In addition to renovations, the crew also heads to Silver Lake, California, and a remote island in the Caribbean.