House project

The HOME House Project is a multiyear design initiative aimed at building environmentally sustainable and low-income housing. The project has engaged interdisciplinary designers in thinking about the future of sustainable housing and its role in society. Its design process incorporates several key themes such as climate change, material resources, and rural communities.

The House Project aims to support young people leaving care by supporting them to move into their own home and manage it themselves. It also provides support to local house projects and to local authorities. Young people who have been in care need a longer-term support system with structure and guidance. Their relationship-based approach helps them to build trusting relationships and become independent.

The Green House Project builds homes in partnership with eldercare providers, developers, and advocates. To date, it has developed 359 homes in 32 states. Many are licensed nursing homes, while others provide assisted living, post-acute rehab, and dementia care. The project has developed a model that works well in rural and urban areas alike.