The House of Representatives

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The House is organized into committees. Most bills are referred to a committee, which is responsible for conducting hearings, preparing bills for the full House, and regulating House procedure. Nearly all bills are referred to a committee before being considered by the full House. Most bills are introduced to a committee first, but cannot be acted upon until the committee has reported it. There are approximately twenty permanent standing and select boards. Each committee has a budget and staff. Some permanent committees may hold hearings, propose legislation that hasn’t been introduced, and conduct investigations.

The House has a committee system that governs its operations. Members are divided into groups with specialized roles, and they are responsible for holding hearings, preparing bills for the full House, and regulating House procedure. Almost all bills begin their lives in a committee, and the full Body cannot act on them until the committee reports it. There are twenty permanent committees, organized around the major policy areas of government. Each committee has a staff and a budget.

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The House is the most representative form of government in the world. Its composition is very different from that of other bodies, though. Its members are grouped into different departments and committees. They work together to make policy. In the House, the members of the government are known as representatives, and it is the only way they can vote. The majority of representatives in the house are democrats, which means that their representatives represent the majority of the population.