A house is a building containing a living space. This can be a single family home or an apartment. In modern times, houses usually contain one or more rooms. They may also include a kitchen, bathrooms, and a dining room. There are many different types of houses, ranging in style and complexity from simple huts to elaborate structures.

Some houses are made from local materials, while others are made from imported materials. Either way, they are generally permanent structures that are not easily moved. However, modern technology has made it possible to build houses from pre-fabricated parts. These are easier to assemble at the building site. Moreover, houses are more durable and have fewer repairs than traditional houses.

Houses can be made from various materials, including wood, concrete, and bricks. Depending on the design, a house can have a roof, a floor, walls, windows, and doors. Many buildings are numbered and have a front yard or a back yard. They may have an entrance that opens onto a passage or a landing, or have a door that opens into a hallway. Often, houses have several levels and are often connected by terraces and rows.

Usually, people living in a house are a single family. They may also be roommates or part of a family group. When a house is occupied for a prolonged period of time, it becomes a household. For animals, houses may be doghouses, birdhouses, and henhouses. Sometimes an individual’s house acquires a proper name, which may have emotional connotations.

Historically, a house was a place of refuge. It was a place of safety, where people could find shelter in the event of a storm. The word dwelling can be used in legal, scientific, and technical contexts. Modern houses have many special rooms, such as a computer room, a study, and a family room. People living in a modern house may have separate bathrooms and toilets.

Today, houses are mostly made from modern building materials. Bricks are widely used. To make a house more sturdy, the main walls of a brick house are typically two bricks thick. Buildings with brick walls are heavy and need to be built on a strong foundation. Besides being durable, brick houses do not require frequent repair.

Some houses are single family homes while others are rooming houses. Traditionally, people who inhabited a house were free white men. As laws changed, House members began to include people from all backgrounds.

Some houses are designated by commemorative plaques, which show their historical significance. These buildings are often protected by town planning. Others are just names, such as the House of Tudor, which is the residence of the English royal family.

The House of Representatives is the legislative body of the U.S.. Members are elected to serve for two-year terms. Each state is guaranteed at least one seat in the House. Those who are elected to the House must be a citizen of the United States for seven years or more, and must be a resident of the district.