A house is a building that serves as the residence for a family or other group of people. It may also serve as a place of business or worship. A house is a place where the members of the household grow up and form their identities, values, habits, and culture. It is where the family bonds together and nurtures itself. A house may be a single structure, or it can be a complex of connected structures. A house may also be a townhouse or an apartment building. It may even be a mobile home or an RV.

In the US, a house is usually a two-story or three-story building with walls and a roof. It is often surrounded by a yard or garden. It may also have a garage for vehicles or storage sheds. A house is a primary social and economic institution in most societies around the world.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both renting a house or buying a house. Houses generally provide more privacy than apartments, but they can also be more expensive. Those considering buying a house should carefully consider whether they are ready for the commitment of ownership and can afford the financial costs. Those who rent houses should also be prepared for higher maintenance and do-it-yourself (DIY) expenses that can come with a house.

A house can be a refuge from the pressures of everyday life and an opportunity to live in comfort. It provides a space for family members to cook, clean, study and play. It also gives families a sense of community and security. A house can also be a political and social institution, such as the United States House of Representatives or the British House of Lords.

House music can be described as a genre that blends disco, funk, rock, and psychedelic synths. It originated at the Warehouse clubs in Chicago, and soon spread to NYC and Detroit. The sound grew in popularity as DJs such as Frankie Knuckles played disco, funk and soul music mixed with repetitive drum beats and a variety of synths. This style was the birth of what is now known as House.

Most house music has a 4/4 time signature and is driven by a kickdrum that plays every beat. Hi-hats and claps are usually played offbeat to add funk to the beat. Most songs are around 120 to 130 beats per minute. Chill and progressive house styles may go slower, while hard and acidic house can be much faster.

While many house producers focus on funk, others use piano chords to create a more classical sound. The most famous house music artist is probably Marshall Jefferson, who created the anthem “Move Your Body.” Other popular examples of this genre include the music of DJs such as Deep Dish, Sasha and Paul Oakenfold, and bands like Daft Punk. The latter pushed house into the mainstream, where it continues to have huge audiences at festivals and concerts worldwide.