A house is a building that functions as a dwelling place for people. It can also refer to a rudimentary hut used by nomadic tribes or any other shelter that people live in and call home. A house may contain a variety of rooms for different purposes, including living and sleeping spaces, and can come in many colors, materials, systems, shapes, sizes, and styles. It is a common and familiar form of human habitat and can be found all over the world.

The word house can also refer to a family dynasty or any other institution that houses a group of people, such as a religious sect or deliberative body. A house can be a physical structure, such as a building or tent, or an abstract concept, such as a set of principles or values. It can also refer to a person’s feelings about her home. For example, a man might say he feels like his life is in a mess and needs to clean up the house.

House is a popular American television series that focuses on a fictional doctor who works for a private practice, called the White House Medical Unit. The show stars Matt Czuchry and Christina Hendricks. It has become a cultural touchstone for many people, with references to the show in popular music and other media. For example, a song by the British band Massive Attack named “Teardrop” was used as the opening theme for the first season of the show.

If a building is considered to have historical significance, it may be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. To be listed, a building must meet several criteria, including being of a certain age and displaying some evidence of its past use. It is also possible for a building to be designated as historic by an official body, such as a town planning department or local heritage association.

In the early 19th century, poorer people lived in houses known as back-to-backs. These were usually built with three rooms joined together, one on top of the other. Some of these homes still exist today. Some houses, especially those that have been modernized or expanded, may be referred to as row houses.

The term house is also commonly used to describe a particular genre of dance music. It was developed in Chicago in the 1980s by DJs and producers who were influenced by disco, garage music, and post-disco styles. Some notable pioneers of this style include Frankie Knuckles and Rachel Cain, who founded the influential house label Trax Records. The rise of house music was aided by club play of its tracks and the popularity of DJs who promoted it, such as the Hot Mix 5 crew on radio station WBMX-FM in Chicago. The genre has since become a worldwide phenomenon. It has also been influenced by the development of technology in audio mixing and editing, which was first explored by artists involved with industrial music.