A house is a place where people live. It is the structure where they eat, sleep and spend time with their family. It may also include a garage, shed or other building where they store tools and other possessions. Houses can be made from wood, brick or stone and they can have many different shapes. They can be large or small and they might be surrounded by a garden or other outdoor spaces. Some houses are very modern and some are much older, such as a home that was built during the Tudor period.

The word house can also be used to describe a group of people, such as the House of Tudor or the House of Representatives in the United States. It can even refer to a political group, such as the House of Lords or the House of Commons in England. A house can be a single building that is owned by a person or family, or it could be part of a larger complex, such as an apartment block or a townhouse.

People use their houses to support their lifestyles and they are often a reflection of their personalities. They are also a container for their memories and feelings. A house can be a homely space that feels warm and welcoming, or it can be grand and impressive.

Many houses are designed with specific themes in mind, such as cultural heritage or practicality. These designs can be reflected in the way that furniture is displayed, or in the way that the house is decorated. Some houses are intended to be awe inspiring, with big rooms and high ceilings that create a sense of grandeur. Others are designed with a sense of functionality, with every aspect of the house serving its purpose.

Some people use their house as a canvas to express their creativity, with paintings and sculptures decorating the walls. They might also decorate their house with plants, to bring a sense of nature indoors. Some people also use their house as a retreat, using it as a private space to meditate or reflect. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, there are places where families can rent out entire houses to other families, a concept known as shared housing.

A house can have clues to its past owners, from the style of architecture and wallpaper to the layout and features that may have changed over time. Clues might be found in the attic, in old newspapers and documents that have been buried in the garden or shed. For example, hand-hewn beams can indicate that a section of the house is older than another part that has been constructed with the marks of a circular saw.

House can also be used as a noun, referring to a building that provides shelter or other living space, or as a verb, meaning to provide housing for someone: