House project

A House project is a process of planning and building a home for a family or individual. It may involve the acquisition of property or the demolition of existing structures. It may also involve reconstructing, altering or repairing a home. In many cases, a House project is a collaborative effort between the family and the local community.

Fife Council has been awarded PS150,000 to run a Local House Project to help young people leave care. The council and young people’s team in Fife identified that many young people were struggling with managing their own tenancies. This was attributed to a lack of distinct planning. It also identified the need for a well thought out support package. The National House Project and Fife Council will work together to provide a sustainable modular peer-support programme.

The HOME House Project is a multi-year design initiative that addresses issues of affordability, design and sustainability. Launched in 2011, this initiative challenges designers and architects to create housing that addresses these issues. The goal is to create a world in which environmentally friendly housing is affordable and accessible to people of all backgrounds. There are many facets of the project and its challenges, but the goal is the same: to create a living community that is beautiful and sustainable for the community.

The $300 House project is backed by some amazing people in the field of development. In addition to working with people in Nepal to develop new housing systems, the Institute has partnered with people in the area to share ideas and fundraise. The $300 House team is endorsed by experts including Hennie Botes, Anthony Ulwick and Christian Sarkar.