House project

A House project is a comprehensive and complex construction process designed to meet the specific needs of the homeowner. The process begins with an introductory meeting with the Project Developer and design team. This a critical step in the relationship-building and ensuring that both parties communicate and work well together. The introductory meeting can take the form of an introductory call, a site visit or a designer interview.

Once the initial introductory meeting is complete and the project development process has begun, it’s time to review the scope of work, budget and design docs. This will include a meeting with the Project Developer, estimator and designer. This will be a critical step in determining whether or not the project is ready to move forward to construction.

If the answer is yes, a construction agreement will be prepared and an initial deposit will be made. At this point, the wheels are set in motion for the construction of your new home!

The foundation of a home is perhaps the most important aspect of any building. This stage will involve excavation and the construction of a concrete footing and foundation, which will take upwards of a month to complete. Once the foundation is poured and allowed to cure, your builder will begin step two – framing. The framing phase is when the skeleton of your house will be built, based on your chosen floor plan. The walls, floors and roof rafters will be framed and then covered with “sheathing,” which will prevent liquid water from entering the structure while allowing for water vapor to escape. Following the completion of this stage, an inspection will be conducted to ensure everything is up to code.

When the framing is completed, the plumbing and electrical rough-ins will be installed, and your home will start to take shape. This is a critical and exciting part of the build, as your vision starts to become a reality.

Once the rough-ins are completed and inspected, the mechanical insulation will be installed, and your home will be sealed with a waterproof barrier called “water wrap.” Then, the final trim, molding, paint, cabinets and flooring will be installed. This will give your home its distinctive style and character!

House project is a groundbreaking programme that enables young people in and leaving care to build their first homes, form lasting relationships and create pathways into education, employment and training. It is a unique and innovative approach that is led by young people, working on co-operative principles to support them to develop independence, confidence and skills for life.

The process consists of 13 sections which the young people will work through with their support workers. Each section has a different focus and the young people can choose how they wish to record their journey throughout the programme – from notes and reflections, to uploading pictures or documents. Young people will also have the opportunity to attend workshops, trips and activities that will enable them to develop their own interests and passions.