The House of Representatives

The word House is a verb. It refers to a building. It can be a single family home or a multifamily complex. It does not include an apartment building. It can also refer to a group of people, such as the English royal family, the House of Tudors. It can also refer to a governing body, such as the House of Representatives. Theaters often refer to the audience. It is common for the word house to refer to a group of people.


The term “house” refers to a building intended for human occupancy. It can be of any size, made of any material, or be a temple dedicated to worshipping God. It may also refer to a college or monastery. The concept of a house is very broad. In the United States, it can mean anything from a table to a monk’s abode. The term “house” can refer to a building for worship or as a place to live.

The House is organized into committees. Committees are made up of specialized groups of lawmakers who hold hearings, prepare bills for the full House, and govern House procedure. Almost all bills begin their lives as legislation, and cannot be considered by the full House until a committee has reported it. There are twenty permanent committees, grouped around major policy areas. They have their own staffs and budgets. They may conduct hearings, propose legislation that has not been introduced, or conduct investigations.

The structure of the House is characterized by the committee system. The members of the House are split into specialized groups and work together to prepare bills and regulate House procedures. Almost all bills are first referred to committees, and the full Assembly cannot take action on a bill until the committee has reported it to the full House. There are twenty permanent committees, organized around the major policy areas. The majority of them have staffs and budgets, and may hold hearings and propose legislation that has not yet been introduced. The majority of these committees are comprised of Democrats and Republicans.

The House is organized in two different ways. The main part is made up of specialized groups, which are responsible for hearings and preparing bills for the full House. The specialized groups in the House are also responsible for the rules of the House. In addition to the committee system, the entire house is divided into several chambers. However, there are two types of houses, and the majority of these are democratic. Some states have a president and vice-presidential bodies.

In the United States, the House is organized by committees. Individual members are separated into groups to specialize in certain areas, and are responsible for preparing bills for the whole House. The house is also organized in sections. The majority of houses have five main rooms. In some regions, there are several smaller committees that are designated to discuss specific issues. One of these committees is devoted to a particular issue. The majority of the voting takes place in the lower chamber.